27 Jul 2022

How To: Create a Digital Signature


Voice Head Office

Newcastle University

Often when taking part in Public & Patient Involvement (PPI) projects you will be asked to sign a consent or expenses form. If this is sent to you before or after your event, it may be in a digital format. Not much use if you don’t have easy access to a printer, right?

Luckily, you are able to add your signature to documents on our computer or tablet without having to track down a printer. Read on to learn how.

Inserting Signature using ADOBE DC

ADOBE DC is an application which can be downloaded onto your computer or laptop which allows you to manage and edit PDF files easily. There are two options available, one which is free and one which you have to pay for. On both you are able to view, comment, print, and sign a document. However, in the paid version you are able to edit much more of the PDF you have been sent.

ADOBE is compatible on all Windows and Mac devices.

  1.  Open the document/PDF
  2. Click on the arrow next to the scroll bar to make sure you can see all the tools. If you don’t see this arrow, click “Tools” at the top of the page.
  3. Click “fill and sign”. You’ll be taken back to your document and automatically can create a text box.
  4. At the top of the page, you will see an image of a pen and “Sign” written next to it. Click this.
  5. A drop down will appear, giving you the option to add a signature or initials. Click signature.
  6. Type your name. To change the signature style, click the arrow next to where it says, “change style”. Click the font style you prefer
  7. Once happy, click “apply”.
  8. Click on the area in the document you wish to place your signature. You can edit the size and location of this once it has been placed.
  9. Save and share your file.

Inserting a signature when using a Word Document

  1. Open the document
  2. Click “Insert”
  3. Move along to where the text options are. You’ll see an icon which shows a pen writing on a page. Click this to add a signature line.
  4. You’re then given the option to type in your name, email, and organisation. This will appear as text underneath the signature box.
  5. Click OK.
  6.  Your signature line has now appeared. Right click next to the X.
  7. Click “Sign”.
  8. At this point you have the option to draw your signature by using either your mouse or using a touch screen if you have one.

·        If you find this too difficult to draw, you can upload an image of your signature. This needs to be a pre-saved image in your computer. Do this by:

·  Writing your signature on a piece of plain paper

·  Take a picture.

·  Upload to your computer

·  Add the picture to the Word Document

9. Your signature has been added and your document is complete. Save and share where needed.

Inserting a signature when using an iPad

1.    Open your PDF

2.    At the top right corner, you will see an image of a pen within a circle. This is the “mark-up” feature. Click this and all of your pen options will drop down.

3.    Click the add button to the right of all of your pen and colour options.

4.   Click signature.

5.   Write your signature.

6.   Click Done. Your signature will now appear on the page. You are free to move and re-size this to where you want it to be.

7.    If you need to add a different person’s signature, follow steps 1-4. Your previously saved signature will appear. Underneath this you will see the option to add or remove signature. Click on this to create a new signature.