01 Aug 2022

How To: Edit a PDF file


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Newcastle University

Sharing your feedback when you’ve been sent a PDF file.

Have you been sent a document to review as a PDF and you’re not sure how to add your comments? Or perhaps you’ve been asked to complete a consent or expenses form but it’s in the PDF format. How can you edit this PDF and send it straight back without worrying about accessing a printer? Read on and find out how to:

Converting a PDF

Using a PC:

When you have received you’re file for editing, make sure to save it somewhere on your computer before you start converting.

1.    Find your file and right click

2.    Click on “open with”

3.    Click “Word” or “Microsoft Word”

·        Can’t see this? Click “choose another app” and scroll until you find Microsoft word.

4.   When you open the document, you will see a message reading:

Word will now convert your PDF to an editable Word Document. This may take a while. The resulting Word document will be optimised to allow you to edit the text, so it might not look exactly like the original PDF, especially if the original file contained lots of graphics”

5.   Click OK

6.   Your file is ready to edit and save as a Word doc.


To make sure your file opens with ADOBE;

1.    Save in your documents.

2.    Find your file in your documents.

3.    Right click and scroll down to “open with”.

4.   Hover over this and you’ll see all the different applications where you can open this document.

5.   Click “Adobe Acrobat”.

Now that your file is open with ADOBE we can convert this to an editable Word document.

·        Click “Export PDF” on the right-hand side of the page.

o  Can’t see this? Is there a small arrow next to the scroll bar? Click that and a menu will pop out.

o  Still can’t see it? Click “tools” at the top of the page and all of your options will appear.

·        Next you will see all the different options of how you can export it. Click Microsoft Word.

·        Click Export

·        Save your new word file and get straight to editing.

Editing a PDF


When using ADOBE, you also have the option to edit within the PDF. Let’s learn how.

1.    Just as you did when converting the PDF to a Word document, click on the arrow next to the scroll bar to make sure you can see all the tools. If you don’t see this arrow, click “Tools”.

2.    Click “fill and sign”

3.    You’ll be taken back to your document and have the ability to add a text box. Click where you want this to be and start typing. Be careful when doing this that you keep all text on the page. The text will type in a straight line automatically, so be sure to hit enter when you want to start a new line.

On your iPad:

Just like with ADOBE, you can add your text comments to a PDF on your iPad without having to convert it.

1.    Open your PDF file.

2.    Click the circle with a pen in it at the top right corner. A collection of pen types and colours will appear at the bottom of your screen.

3.    Click the + next to these colours.

4.   Click “add text”.

5.   You can now type your comments in the new text box and move your text box to where you would like it to be in the file.

6.   Once done, save your document ready for sharing.