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Improving Mental Wellbeing for People Newly Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

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Improving Mental Wellbeing for People Newly Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

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17:00 - Wednesday 19 April, 2023




£35 You will be paid £35 for your time via bank transfer


We are interested in hearing from people who have been recently diagnosed (within the last year) with Type 2 Diabetes and who are able to share how this may have affected their mental wellbeing


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Most of the current diabetes care focus on managing the practical aspects of self-care such as raising awareness, giving information, structured education, instruction and guidance on health eating, weight management based on nationally agreed criteria. However, it is possible that current approaches in diabetes care may overlook an individuals’ ability to emotionally cope with their condition and this may interfere with their ability to take charge of, self-manage and promote their own health. In fact, 42% of people living with diabetes say they are not confident in managing their condition (Diabetes UK 2015) and that this may be an emotional burden for some leading to psychological distress.

Voice members will be invited to an online PPI workshop lasting approximately 90 minutes, but please allow up to 2 hours.. We wish to understand the impact that a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes has had on their mental health and wellbeing, what the gaps might be in providing psychological support for people newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and what support participants feel would be helpful in promoting their positive mental wellbeing. We would like to chat to Voice members to see if they feel this is a valuable and significant area for research and to ask for their advice and guidance about how they feel we should proceed. 


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£35 You will be paid £35 for your time via bank transfer


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